Moreland Little League


The gobbo award

The Gobbo Award was first established in 1996 in memory of Dennis Gobbo.  Dennis Gobbo had a passion for Little League Baseball and Moreland Little League.  Dennis Gobbo unfortunately passed away from cancer, but his volunteer efforts contributed to making Moreland Little League one of the best little leagues in the country.
Annually, a number of Moreland Managers nominate deserving 12-year-old players for the Gobbo Award. 
The Gobbo Award is meant to recognize the most inspirational 12 year old player and it is in this spirit that the award recognizes the player who gives everything he or she’s got.  This player may not be the most skilled player and may or may not start every game.  But this player comes to every practice and every game.  This player is willing to try new positions and supports and encourages all teammates.  This player takes defeat and victory gracefully.  Every coach wishes there were twelve of these players on the team!
To select this player, the MLL Board asks the Major Managers to nominate players who may not necessarily be the most skilled player, but rather the player that best exemplifies the Little League spirit. This player should always have a positive influence in the dugout AND on the field.  
Every year, the Managers agree on a single player who they believed demonstrated superior qualities of sportsmanship, unselfish spirit, courage and dedication to their team!  The Managers chose a player that is an inspiration to both players AND parents! 
The Gobbo Award recipients for the current season shall be announced at closing ceremonies!



2007  Spencer Deale
2008  Skye Cao
2009  Michael Deauville & Marcus Myers
2010  Peter Pappas
2011  Zaria Vukcevich
2012  Dylan Ellis
2013  Jake Amicarelli & Tom Pyle
2014  Robby Cordova